The Team

Meet the Team! 

The Postal Travels team is full of very warm, creative and intelligent individuals. We all strive to create a better magazine to reveal to our readers. Currently there are: two editors, one creative director, one layout engineer, three photographers and two journalist. 

Meet Tee - the Creator
instagram: ltmail
Tee is the creator of PTM, she is 21 years old and recent graduate of college. She's been pen paling for 2 years now and she has around 20 pen pals. Tee spends most of her PTM time writing articles, facilitating meetings and keeping a constant creative flow among members. 

Meet Karina - the Editor
Karina is the editor of PTM. She is 23 years old and she has been pen paling for 2 years. While she is currently on a hiatus from pen paling, snail mail still remains on a level of high importance to her. She contributes to PTM by providing several articles and running the PTM shop. 

Meet Natalie - the Creative Director
Natalie is the creative director of PTM. She is 22 years old and spends most of her PTM time by offering up creative ideas and marketing plans, as well as running our social networking sites. She also dabbles in a bit of layout design as well. Natalie also provides the freebie for our monthly newsletter. 

Meet Fab- the Layout Engineer
  Fab is our 22 year old layout engineer. She spends all of her PTM time designing the layout for the magazine and creating each page. Sometimes Fab offers up an amazing freebie for the magazine as well as some helpful tips on how to improve the quality of the magazine pages. 

Meet Laura - Photograher #1
instagram: lorahxo
Laura is the first photographer to ever join PTM. All of the photos in our first issue were taken by Laura. She is still one of our current photographers and you can find more of her photos in our current and future issues. Most of her photos are of pictures of her own mail. 

Meet Florence - Photographer #2 
Florence is our second photographer. Her photos can be found from the second issue on. Florence typically photographs her own mail and her creative mail art. She also contributes some articles for the magazine as well.

Meet Lorraine - Photographer #3
Lorraine is our third photographer and her photographs can be found in our May issue onward. Like our other two photographers, she takes pictures of her own mail and packages. 

Meet Melissa - DIY Journalist
Melissa is our DIY Journalist and each month she offers creative ideas, along with a tutorial on how you can create mail that is outside of your regular snail mail. Melissa gives step by step instructions along with pictures on how to create these exclusive pieces. 

Meet  Oriana - What it Wore Journalist
Oriana takes mail art found around  the web and recreates them offering a tutorial for you to create your own. She takes this mail art, re-creates it, giving you instructions, time and photos on how you can create your own version.


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