Here you will find answers to all of your burning questions, if you still have questions that need to be answered you may contact us by e-mailing us at: postaltravelsmagazine@gmail.com

Who are the creative minds behind Postal Travels Magazine?
PTM was created by Tee, but it is run by an entire team. We currently have 1 Creative Director/Layout Engineer, 1 Layout Engineer, 3 Photographers, 2 Journalists, and 1 Editor. To find out more about our team members, you may visit our team member page. 

How can I contact you guys?
To get in contact with the team, you may e-mail us at: postaltravelsmagazine@gmail.com. If you would like to contact us individually, you may visit our team member page and pick your form of communication. We'd love to hear from you! 

When do you guys release your magazine issues?
Our magazine is released on the first of each month. With the release of each issue, we will place a blog post on both our tumblr and our blogspot blog. 

Where can I find issues of your magazine?
Issues of Postal Travels Magazine can be found online at Joomag. To see all issues, both current and past please visit our navigation box up top and click on Magazine Issues. 

Do you do product reviews/shop reviews and what is the process?
We are currently taking product reviews. We do ask that these products be snail mail or crafting based, as that is the focus of our magazine. So please no beauty, fashion, food, etc. review requests, unless they are snail mail or crafting related. If you would like to know our review process and ask more questions please e-mail us! We love to talk business! 

Is there any way that I can support you guys?
PTM is always looking for support! There are several ways in which you can do this. Financially you may support us by visiting our shop, Postal Travels Shops, and purchase a few products from us, or you may donate some money to us. Just inquire. Even the smallest amount of money will help and all monies will go towards upgrading the magazine. If you are not able to help financially, you can spread the word about our magazine and our blog, via your social networking sites. You can also offer us ad space on your blog, or purchase ad space from us. You can also submit magazine content. The possibilities are endless, just contact us to find out more. 

How can I be interviewed, submit a pen pal ad, question, etc.?
To be interviewed for the magazine, please e-mail us. Submissions may be submitted on our tumblr. 

How can I provide feedback or ideas?
We always love to hear feedback and ideas on how we can improve the magazine. Because we love this so much, we've set up an anonymous drop box, for you to submit your feedback, you can check it out here


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